Case Studies


  •   1. What is digital nervous system?

    Internal working of the business is like nervous system of our body. It is very important for our body that its nervous system functions properly. Software developed by us provides solution that improves the nervous system of business. In other words, we digitize your internal controlling system.

  •   2. What are the benefits of window based system?

    Window based system has several advantages over DOS based system. Window based system is based on Graphical User Interface (GUI). It is user-friendly and easy to use than DOS based system. There are several limitations of DOS based system when we have to handle large database. DOS supports limited size of database. Windows based system can support large database. Window based software is able to perform more complex functions than DOS based system and provides better security.

  •   3. Which type of security is there in the softwares?

    There are three levels of security in these softwares:

    • • Company level
    • • Menu level
    • • Form level
    • • Report level

  •   4. Do you provide any up-gradation facilities for your software?

    Yes, we provide up-gradation facilities for all our software applications.

  •   5. What is Decision Support System? How it help us in our business?

    Decision Support System provides support while taking decisions with the help of various tools like Statistical control tools, Analytical tools, etc. and gives detail information on various aspects of the organization which helps management in making better decisions.

  •   6. Is there any facility for mobility of confidential data?

    Yes, there is facility to transfer data between two locations. You can transfer data through pen drive or through any other electronic media. You can transfer it via e-mail. By this way, you can protect your data and access information of other locations whenever and wherever you need.

  •   7. How can I use this software for multi location?

    To use software for multi locations, you will need to set up ISDN or VPN network.

  •   8. How do you provide after sales service?

    We provide one year free maintenance services for our software. Thereafter, maintenance services will be based on annual contract.

  •   9. What is pipeline management?

    In the diamond processing system, packets are transferred from one division to another division for various processes. Any packet in the pipeline can be backtracked to its original rough and the entire pipeline route through which it has moved including details like Name of the persons who has carried out some process, time and date of receipt of the stone, time and date of return of the stone, weight loss in the process, expected Vs. actual results etc. Movement of the packets can be traced easily in short time with the help of Bar Code Reader.

  •   10. What are the applications of Biometrics?

    Biometrics is a system that stores the data of finger prints, eye colour, of the person. There are various applications of it. It can be used for attendance, or data of workers.

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